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Back Massage price 60 zł

Helps to reduce muscle pressure in shoulders, neck and spine which makes our physical and psychological well-being come back.

Classic Full-Body Massage price 100 zł

Has an amazing effect on the state of our muscles, decreases the tension and improves our mood.

California Massage price 70 zł

A smooth and harmonious massage based on stroking and pressing moves, liquidates stress and chills out.

Chocolate Harmony price 170 zł

Sweet-smelling ritual with sensual pleasure creates beauty and fulfills your expectations. After such a feast you won't be able to deny the fact that life tastes sweet. It is time to discover its flavor...

South African Secret price 170 zł

Energy and fat reduction. Body treatment that is accompanied with freshly roasted coffee beans aroma at all times.

Royal Regeneration Ritual with goat milk price 200zł

A royal feast for both body and soul. Treatments based on goat milk, enriched with exclusive pearl extracts, provide holistic care for the most sensitive skin

Milk-and-Chocolate Temptation price 160 zł

A combination of unique care properties of milk and chocolate. The abundance of revitalizing ingredients for your skin, relaxation and solace for your soul.

Latte Senses price 190zł

A tasty combination of coffee and milk fragrance tones. Stimulates your vitality and pampers your body with richness of natural care components.

Chocolate-and-Coffee Bliss price 170zł

Energizing, lifting and detoxifying powers of coffee, supplemented with chocolate's revitalizing influence to make your body more beautiful.

The Magic of Touch Ritual price 250zł

A unique full-body massage, performed with a combination of candles made of precious mixture of butters and plant oils. The ritual introduces you to the world of sensual experiences, making your skin extremely smooth. The magic of this ritual is based on combining fluid massage with aromatherapy and the feeling of absolute luxury.

Aromatic Touch of Beauty price 180zł

Valuable natural oils will make the skin on your cleavage and neck smooth, soft and young. The treatment is supplemented with a face mask selected for your skin type's needs.

Hot Stone Massage price 200zł

The stones used in this massage come from ecologically-clean areas, with high volcano activity rate, and have unique thermal properties. Using different massage techniques gives the effect of deep full-body relaxation and renders harmony for the body, spirit and mind.

Cranberry Push-up Perfect price 170 zł

A firming and lifting treatment for breasts takes advantage of revitalizing properties of cranberries. Proper composition and consistence of the active substances allows to achieve amazing and visible effects. The skin on your cleavage will become lighter, flexible and smooth.

Silky Body price 130zł

An intense-effect anti-cellulite massage, using the effects of lymphatic drainage, gets rid of the body tissue toxins, and renders balance in the skin structure.

Slender Silhouette price 110zł

A fat-reducing treatment for the problematic body parts helps you make your dreams of beautiful body shape come true.

Gentlemen Relax price 150 zł

A treatment based on natural lavender-and-cedar oil is perfect for taking care of a man’s skin. Revitalizing hand massages of back and legs will liquidate the feeling of weariness and tiredness.

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