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Let’s start with something cold

Beef Loin carpaccio served with rucola salad and a green peppercorn sauce29 zł
Traditional beef “tatar” served with gherkin, onion, mushrooms and egg yolk27 zł
Terrine of salmon served with vegetables and decorated with cream29 zł
Herring served with a choice of a creamy sauce or olive oil19 zł

Something warm

Filet steak served with white cheese in a creamy mustard sauce and vegetable salad on a crouton32 zł
Potato croquette and chanterelle mushrooms served with a poached egg25 zł
Deep fried camembert with cranberry sauce19 zł
Provencal mussels, cooked in white wine with vegetables32 zł


Asparagus soup with pancake pasta16 zł
Golden pheasant soup served with vegetable ravioli17 zł
Mushroom broth served with dumplings19 zł
Fish soup with vegetables and sour cream18 zł

Something healthy

Palace salad (Pork loin, lettuce, sun-dried tomatoes and cheddar cheese)31 zł
Exotic salad (Sweet and spicy chicken curry, bananas, raisins, chilli)29 zł
Polish Salad (v) (Apple, rocket, walnuts and blue cheese with a raspberry sauce)27 zł

Main meals

Pork loin in cabbage with white cheese served with vegetables and potato casserole45 zł
Chicken in pastry served with grape and cheese sauce, and a seasonal salad on the side38 zł
Beef brisket in a tomato sauce served with mash potatoes and a radish and pepper salad42 zł
Beef loin served with white chocolate sauce, spinach dumplings and butter on vegetables62 zł
Beef loin with peppercorn sauce, served pear potato with asparagus and ham64 zł
Half Duck with orange and caramel sauce with baked potato and aromatic beetroot52 zł
Quail stuffed with a wild mushroom sauce with buckwheat and sugar snap peas49 zł
Pork in potatoes stuffed mushrooms and crunberries served with a thyme sauce42 zł

Something from the Sea

Pike-perch fillet with creamy spinach and rice with sunflower seeds47 zł
Trout served with roasted potatoes and asparagus rogoute36 zł
Tiger prawns with rice and vegetables49 zł

Something straight from Italy

Spinach and meat ravioli served with sun dried tomatoes and garlic sauce32 zł
Spaghetti carbonara with bacon, parmesan, almonds and fresh basil32 zł
Tagliatelle with sun-dried tomatoes, prosciutto, olives and spinach.35 zł

Something for the little ones

Chicken soup with noodles and vegetables9 zł
Chicken nuggets with chips and carrots19 zł
Fillet of fish with potatoes and green beans23 zł
Pancakes with a choice of nutella or jam9 zł
Pancakes with soft cheese and cinnamon9 zł


Cheesecake with berry sauce20 zł
Warm Palace apple crumble served with ice cream18 zł
Dessert in a cup of nuts and dried fruit-flavored lime and mascarpone cream with strawberries22 zł

Ice cream

Cream with hot raspberry sauce and caramel sticks18 zł
Dark chocolate with chocolate chips and dried tropical fruit19 zł
Cherry with whole pieces of fruit18 zł

Cold drinks

Coke, Fanta, Sprite, Tonic5zł
Sparkling and still water4zł
Perrier sparkling/still water10zł
Juice: apple, orange, black currant, grapefruit6zł
Red bull11zł

Hot drinks

Tea 7zł
Flavoured tea 8zł
Tea with rum 8zł
Coffee 8zł
Espresso 8zł
Double Espresso 9zł
Cappuccino 9zł
Irish coffee 15zł


Żywiec 10 zł
Lech 10 zł
Warka 10 zł
Heineken 12 zł
Carlsberg 10 zł
Guinness 15 zł
Half pint 6 zł
Non alcohilic beer 6zł

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