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The first written account of the village of Piorunów comes from the year 1390. Before World War II, the village belonged to the family of Warsaw factory owners – Lucjan (1885-1948) and Barbara (1889-1956) Niemyski. From fragmented information it is known that they moved to Piorunów in 1925 and expanded the already-existing manor. Between the two World Wars, a famous Polish writer Maria Dąbrowska was a family friend and a frequent guest to the manor. She visited it on numerous occasions between 1927 and 1939.

In the latter phase of her acquaintance with Mr. and Mrs. Niemyski, during the occupation, Maria Dąbrowska particularly valued Lucjan's merits as “the brave guardian of many Jewish families.” Because of that Lucjan and Barbara were awarded the “Righteous among the Nations” title in 2000. Thanks to Maria Dąbrowska's preserved diaries, we can learn about the fates of her hosts, the village, the countryside and the everyday life of the manor. Her visits to Piorunów were especially useful to the author when she was writing her most famous novel Noce i dnie. She had a chance to observe the life and work of farmers and the locals, even helping them with their chores on many occasions.

Also, the famous scene, considered to be one of the most romantic scenes in Polish cinematography, (Noce i dnie was filmed in 1975, directed by Jerzy Antczak), in which Józef Tolibowski, dressed in a white suit, picks water lilies for Barbara in a pond, originated in Piorunów. Supposedly, the local ponds were totally covered with those flowers. It is also known, that during the shooting, the film crew had a lot of problems with finding so many water lilies and they had to be picked in several different places. Maria Dąbrowska had many fond recollections of her visits in Piorunów.

After World War II, the Piorunów manor was overtaken by the people and it served as a state-owned farm, workers' accommodation, and a holiday resort for police officers, which led to its renovation in 2003, creating a nice and cozy spot for our guests.

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